Beer and Cheese Pairing Classes!

One of the elements that I’m most excited about bringing to our studio ( is our pairing classes. Between wine, beer, cheese and charcuteries – I basically get to structure entire classes around my favorite things!

Initially, while putting this class together I thought that I would be more excited by the wine and cheese pairings since I’m a Merlot girl at heart. Who knew a Kentucky Bourbon Ale paired with a 3 yr Gouda would steal my heart so swiftly?! As it turns out, beers pair more beautifully with cheeses than you would ever imagine. Why? Because technically, they are from the exact same origin – grass. Barley is the grass that makes most beer and milk is simply a by-product of a cow eating grass. All the sudden, it all makes so much sense!! The flavors and aromas of the two together is a dynamite and eye-opening experience to behold for sure. Still having doubts? Check out what would be in store for you at one of our beer and cheese pairing classes and sign up here!

So much beer, so much cheese - oh baby!

So much beer, so much cheese – oh baby!


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